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About Us

TradieDrop's aim is to help and support tradies such as electricians, plumbers, and air conditioning technicians.


We are aiming to do this by offering a service where you can easily order your required materials directly through the inbuilt catalog in our app before then getting those materials delivered directly to site. This eliminates the need for you or your workers to have to leave site, sit in traffic and queue at the suppliers.

We know of this issue from first-hand experience and know how much money is currently wasted off-site.


Imagine how much more efficient and therefore profitable you could be if you could spend each hour on site.  

'Giving you more time on the tools' 

Aled Williams


Aled has over 13 years experience in the construction industry and is a qualified electrician. During his career he has had first hand experience of the problem that Tradiedrop is solving from both an on-site perspective and also from  the operational and financial point of view as a Project Manager and Operations Manager.


The idea of TradieDrop came to Aled one day when he was running between jobs to get materials while sitting in traffic. He thought to himself that there must be an easier way to do this.

Aled is very passionate about solving this issue and helping out fellow business owners in the industry. 

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